Green Geeks Review

Over the years, I have had several experiences with hosting companies that one might characterize as “problematic.”   Because I want you to benefit from my experiences, good and bad, I am going to tell you that the name of this company was:

I really wanted to like GreenGeeks, mostly because of their whole “we are good for the environment” pitch. I like being environmentally friendly, their pricing was competitive, and I was in desperate need of some IP diversity.

So, first of all: signing up. Not only was the signup process unnecessarily confusing and time-consuming, it actually crashed halfway through and then gave me an error message, so I used the “chat” function to talk to a representative to see what was wrong.   Usually I will not even bother with a company once I have to take it to this level, because this tends to be indicative of how ALL of your experiences are going to go (like if one of your sites gets in trouble).   That is to say, I just think if your signup process is that difficult, it means you are not organized as a company, and you’re not going to be able to help me if/ when one of my sites gets in trouble.

SO, I went against my instinct to bail out (big mistake), finished the signup process, and went so far as to set up my hosting account and add on 8 or 9 domains. My VA can do all of this very quickly, so I had the whole thing up and running in about a week.

Anyhow, ONE DAY after I completed the setup (I usually only put about 10 domains on one hosting account because I want IP diversity in my network), I got this crazy email from GreenGeeks about a possible DDOS attack on one of my sites. Bear in mind, I own / manage about 200 websites and have accounts on ALL of the major hosts (GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, HostNine, to name just a few), and I have never gotten an email like that before.

When I got the email, I actually reached out AGAIN to the help desk to see what was going on.   As I mentioned, I have MANY sites that I maintain/ manage, so I was willing to do whatever they wanted to get my website (which I thought was the problem) off of their server. Just FYI, I migrated that site over to HostGator the same day I got that email, and have not had ONE PROBLEM since.

Back to GreenGeeks. I thought I solved the problem by moving that site, but the very next day, I got the same notice (DDOS attack) on ANOTHER one of the sites I had on their server. Finally I reached out to their help desk to tell them what was going on, and they replied “This is an industry-wide problem, it’s not just us. We prevented the attack on your site.” This made me think that maybe the problem was them, not my sites.   I had a brief back and forth with the help desk where they basically said “you should be thanking us” and I said “I have never had this problem before, is that because all the other hosting companies have better built-in security than you?’

Whatever the case, I decided to take GreenGeeks up on their money back guarantee, since I was clearly not going to be using them long-term.   This turned into another whole saga (of course).   As it turns out, you cannot request a refund through the live chat or even by logging a ticket through the customer service.   To get out of your contract and get some of your money back, you actually have to request the cancellation link through customer service, then fill that out and give a reason, submit that request, and wait for them to process it.   Then you wait.

During the interim time while I was waiting for them to grant me the privilege of taking my business elsewhere, I got THREE emails from customer service, trying to tell me that the DDOS attack warning emails were actually good, and that meant they were protecting my websites, and that if my other hosting services WEREN’T sending me emails like this, it meant that they were somehow not doing a great job (I kept assuring them that we would have to agree to disagree on that point).

Seven full days later, I was issued a partial refund. I say “partial” because lo and behold, GreenGeeks had actually CHARGED me for the seven days I had an account with them.   I want to state for the record that I think this goes against the true meaning of “full money back guarantee” since I was well within the 30 day window and I clearly expressed my dissatisfaction with their product.   Just for reference/ comparison purposes, I had a client want to discontinue service with BlueHost because they just thought it was way too complicated to navigate, and true to their guarantee, BlueHost gave that person a 100%, full refund.   As I mentioned, I have a BlueHost account and I like them just fine, and I thought that was actually a great thing for them to do—they know their service maybe isn’t for everyone, and they don’t nickel-and-dime you to death for just changing your mind or deciding they are not for you.

So, that’s my take on GreenGeeks. Did not like them, did not appreciate being penalized for exercising my right to have the opinion that I did not like their service and not wanting to stay with them, and now, will never consider using them again, and have already warned two people to stay away from them.

Overall, booooooooooooooooooo for GreenGeeks.    If you are looking for a recommendation, I would suggest that you run on over to HostGator and take them up on their discount for hosting deal.  Do it!